I know there are many advertising on my website. They are feeding my paid domain name and hosting when you click on them. I will not ask for any donation or any money from you. I just hope you can using a seconds to click my ads and let the ads feed my website.

Nothing important about myself. I just can say that you all have to work hard to get your dream, and dream to be a useful person at least for your own neighborhood and your closest people.

I do a lot of work. Trade foreign exchange at the morning for Asian Market Time. At  10:00 to 14:00 I do Customer Relation Management for my two company. After that I have to standby in front of my PC with 6 LCD monitor for trading foreign exchange again until USA market time. Mean while at the same time I do research for anything to get knowledge as many as I can for making better day for tomorrow.

But I’m not actually a workaholic person. I have enough rest time and family time with my wife and my son. Specially on Saturday and Sunday, when the foreign market closed, I will not touch any of my daily job. These two days is my fun day with family and for my self.

I love to collect watches and sunglasses. If you want to give me a present, chose one of them. LOL… just kidding.

I love to share knowledge as what I write in this website. Are knowledge free? Yes! Why we have to sell any knowledge? Nothing to lose for making the world to be a better place with sharing knowledge before we die. What can you share after you die?

Here are my other websites:

  1. www.indoadmin.net
  2. www.dega.web.id
  3. www.garasimama.com

My beloved family website:

  1. www.rindapuspasari.com – wife
  2. www.bintangtimur.com – son


Click here or just type my name at Google Search Engine, just like your name also.

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