The most important factor for shot a trade on Candle Sniper method. You can see the clock picture with RED area.

Candle Sniper only shot on the high movement price. The red area (in minutes) is the time for aiming and watching the price movement for opening trade. I never open the trade out side the red area.

The most popular question, “When to close”?

Closing is about the sense of reading demand and supply. But for me, my self, I always close my trade in very tiny pips just like what candle sniper method rules. Close in 3 to 5 pips. I often close in 3 pips. That is very enough with high lot volume.

This method really need practice every time. This is not instant method learning. Do your practice time by time, every trading day. And I guarantee you can fill THE SENSE OF CANDLE SNIPER for taking profit in forex trading.


Timing For My Candle Sniper Method
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