These days we can see many of Indonesian automotive club using siren and strobe lamp on their touring event, or even on their convoy inside the town. They are using them for announce everyone, every people, and every vehicle drivers to move away from the street and let them pass in fast. I’m wondering this club rules are the same as in other country.

One day i had chat with my foreign friends from other automotive club. What a surprise. They don’t use any siren and strobe lamp of their event. They don’t use any police guide. But when i told them the story about Indonesian automotive club, they just said they know about Indonesian and most of Asian automotive clubs are love being escorting.

Ow, what a pity habit. This “love being escorting” sentence means of “spoiled” or need some “attentions” from others. I hope Indonesian automotive club will change and being more civilized, someday…..

Sirine, Lightbar, Strobo.