From the past of my post about my method #1, #2, #3 and #4, I make this resume result of my forex trading method that I called “Candle Sniper”. But without reading my method #1 to #4 you will not understand what I wrote here. The “candle” represent a candlestick chart which is a style of bar-chart used primarily to describe price movements of a security, derivative, or currency for a designated span of time. The “sniper” represent the meaning of one shoot for one live. There is no miss shoot at all.

See the pictures bellow:

Candle Sniper Method
Candle Sniper Method
aryadega-method2-Candle Sniper Method
Candle Sniper Method
Candle Sniper Method
Candle Sniper Method

My rules:

  1. Use Only candle and supply-demand indicator on time frame 15 minutes.
  2. Don’t prepare anything when the price is moving up or down. Just leave your trading console. Go to your daily work or do some thing else.
  3. When the price is on sideways and those candle were inside the supply or demand (blue or red bar), take a prepare and aim the candle.
  4. Watch the time. The best shot can be taken on the new M30 candle with M5 new candle. So I must remind and imagine the M30 candle and M5 candle in my mind. Not in my metatrader.
  5. At the picture above, I will shoot only when the price start going out from the supply/demand bar, on green arrow.
  6. Do not be late to shoot. The example shoot can be see on the post before in here
  7. I must be patient because I will use big volume lot. I’m not talking about tiny volume lot here. So it must have a 100% accuracy.
  8. When the price move to red circle, I will not trade until next sideways happening inside the supply/demand bar again.
  9. I believe this can be happen more than 5 times a day, so i won’t be rush to shoot. I will not wasting my bullet for unsure prediction.
  10. Once I take a shoot, I will close the trade not more than 5 pips. Some time 3 pips is enough for volume lot 15 or 20.

Avoid these situations:

  1. High Impact News on the related pair. When there is a high impact news, I will let the price move anywhere it like. I will not shoot and wasting my bullet in there. The reverse candle is very dangerous just like aiming a running deer. When it stop running, that is the best time for aiming and take shoot.
  2. Using else than this pair: USDJPY, AUDUSD, EURUSD, EURJPY, and GBPUSD. Because every pair has they own personality. And my brain does not enough to learn more than 5 personality with my two eyes watching, for shooting.
  3. Let the trade open and hoping the candle will take long journey. This is not trading, but this is gambling. I will not gambling with my shoot and my money.

This method need practice just like shooting a target with a gun. More trade you made, more sensitivity you got in your aim and you will know where and when the price will move.

From time to time, foreign exchange price always move in the same pattern. The are just a steady personality from they was born. The will up and down with people’s grid, hope, and stupidity.

I hope my method can make some different to all traders. Don’t just do a deposit fund. It is time to do the withdrawal for ever.

Resume of My Trading Method: The Candle Sniper
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