All my friends ask me how is my trades going on now?

I don’t know why they are asking. They doing their own trades and I had share my method anyway. If you feel my method is comfort enough for you, use it. Otherwise forget it. Every trader always have their own style and method.

Since so many quest for my trade report proof using, so here is mine but it will not publish for ever.

Or this

Don’t ask again why i’m publishing demo account and closing my history! It just for sample only and for your quest. My real trade is not for show-off. It’s my privacy of fund and capital. You all should do that too. Keep your money secretly and never expose.

Brokers are smart. They will know your MfxBook account and take any chance to cheat your trade. Use that social media just for discussing your method on demo account. Not for showing off your capital to others.

Remember, more showing off, more chance to lose. It’s a nature!

My Trade?
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