Just like what I wrote on the #1, so I just trade on candle. Other indicator that I’m using is only Supply-Demand Indicator. With reading the candle and Supply-Demand Indicator, I can trade using time frame 15 minutes and get the exactly profit for just maximum at 5 pips. Usually I just take 3 pips. Of course with high lot volume.

Basically, “Trade only on 100% accuracy with low pips and high volume” 

Is it possible for 100% accuracy? YES! why not? That’s why I just using candle and 1 indicator. Many traders using so many indicators and fulfill them in their chart screen just like a crowd. Even they made them self dizzy and don’t know which one should be precise and accurate. Is it MA Cross? MACD? Fibonaci? So why you put those all in your chart if they can not give you good analytic for 100% accuracy?

Don’t just put indicator for style. That is stupid. You doing forex trade for having profit, for gaining money. Not for showing off our indicator to everybody and post it on facebook. Don’t be ridiculous!

Next post, I will show you my chart screen and how to make decision for buy or sell with my method.

(to be continued)

My Own Trading Method #2
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