This method has been proven delivering profit on my daily trading and I just broke my own trade record in last week. Usually, I did about $1000 – $2000 a week. But since I discovered about the secret of high volume trade and the behave of candle, now I can produce about $10.000 – $15.000 a week. This is relative, depends on the lot volume used. I did with volume from 10 Lot up t0 25 Lot.

How is it possible? What is the secret? How about the risk?

I saw those candle chart and trend is just like a human being. They can feel happy to go through, the can tired and waiting for next spirit to go through or going back slowly, or even going back with fast.

A candle can be so aggressive or can be spoiled too. You can see how much time they being aggressive and how many time they can be spoiled (sideways).

The most important thing of my trading method is, never trade on happening aggressive candle, and get ready to enter when they are being spoiled.

(to be continued on the next post)

My Own Trading Method #1
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