Today I’m so satisfied for doing fixing my own Mercedes-Benz W123 steering lock. I’d been searching on the internet how to remove a whole key assembly set, from the steering. But I found nothing. Just how to remove a stuck broken key on the ignition key hole. My only help I found just a manual book on the internet that helps showing how to remove step-by-step. But no body posting about this removal experience.

So, now I represent my own experience, and solving my own problem. My steering lock starter switch has loosen from it housing. This makes my key doesn’t work at all.


Here the step-by-step:

  1. Download the e-book file about steering lock from my files collection.
  2. Dashboard panel must be removed.
    1. diy-w123-ignition-1
    2. diy-w123-ignition-3
  3. Remove the steering lock and bring all of its component out from your car.
    1. diy-w123-ignition-2a
  4. Remove the steering lock starter switch house from the steering lock assembly.
    1. diy-w123-ignition-4
  5. Notice the red arrow, you cannot do wrong when re-assembly.
    1. diy-w123-ignition-5
  6. Look at the square mark that I circling with red color. That is the place you put the direction of the steering switch.
    1. diy-w123-ignition-6
  7. I’m using hammer-back side for fasten the steering lock switch to the housing.
    1. diy-w123-ignition-8
    2. diy-w123-ignition-9
  8. Make sure you have done fasten all side.
    1. diy-w123-ignition-10
  9. When it is done, the steering lock switch will attach tightly without any movement at all.
    1. diy-w123-ignition-11
  10. Then put the steering lock switch housing to the steering lock assembly by screwing back three bolt.
  11. Finish, back to the e-book and follow the instruction for putting back the steering lock to the car.


DIY Repair – Mercedes-Benz W123 Ignition Steering Lock Key Assembly
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