Yesterday i spare my time to learn more about Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining. It a new currency. 1 BTC equal to $1.100 US. And always moving up and down.

Bitcoin has a Bitcoin wallet. I created my own wallet on Blockchain website. Then i got my BTC wallet with 16 digits number combination.

The most interesting about Bitcoin is we can doing Bitcoin mining, just like looking for a treasure by digging aroud the world. For this mining BTC, i’m using and get the mining software run on my Laptop.

The software is just like a robot that digging all around the internet to collect BTC. That is complicated process and i will not explain in here.

The most important thing for mining BTC is we have to use a fast personal computer. This robot has two option, using your PC resource, use using your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) resource (x10 to x100 time faster). It can run on a Laptop, but form my experience i only got maximum speed 300.

Try on!

Bitcoin me