I found so many people has decide to enter foreign exchanging trade for making big money and for living. Some got lose, and some has been success. I do feel concerned about the vision of new entry trader for those reason.

Please beware of foreign exchange trading, many risk warning on every broker website that we should understand before entering. The most important and can not denied is:

Before you enter foreign exchange and stock markets, you have to remember that trading currencies and other investment products is trading in nature and always involves a considerable risk. As a result of various financial fluctuations, you may not only significantly increase you capital, but also lose it completely.

The secondary thing is how to chose a trusted broker according to CFTC/NASAA warning about Forex Exchange Fraud on internet that you can read in HERE.

So I decided to make some condition for you all before entering the forex market. If you had thinking about one of these points I wrote bellow, you only have two options: Eliminate one of those from your mind, OR immediately leave the forex market from your mind.

  1. You think you can depend on forex profit for funding your living cost.
  2. You think you can depend on forex profit for leave your job.
  3. You think you can use loans to be your forex capital.

When you can eliminate all the three points above, then welcome to LEARN forex market and trade.

Before You Enter Foreign Exchange Trading (FOREX)
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